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The Difference Between a Deeded and a Licensed Timeshare

If you have decided to take the plunge as a first-time timeshare buyer, then there is a great deal of information that you should have at your disposal.  When choosing a timeshare, it is important to investigate and gather all of the facts about your options before you make any final decisions.

One important aspect to consider when choosing a timeshare is the difference between licensed to use and deeded timeshare options.  A licensed to use timeshare is not so much a purchase as it is a contract for long-term rental.  This contract will specify your yearly vacation week(s), but will also include an expiration date.  Once the expiration date is reached, you will have to sign a new contract to retain your yearly week(s) or for the timeshare company to charge you any further maintenance fees.  The license to use timeshare contract is a good option for anyone who wants the opportunity to easily change timeshare locations and / or vacation weeks often.

A deeded timeshare is an actual purchase of ownership in the timeshare resort.  This contract will also specify your yearly vacation week(s) but has no expiration date.  A deeded timeshare can be passed on to your heirs in your will or can be sold or donated to another individual / organization at your discretion.  This timeshare purchase option is great for those who want to keep one timeshare for the rest of their lives and then pass it on to their children.  This is also a fairly safe option if the timeshare is situated during a desirable vacation week and is from a very trendy and high demand resort.  A timeshare at a highly popular resort will usually sell quickly and easily when the price is right.

Before you choose a timeshare, make sure that you understand all of your options and what each alternative means for your future.

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