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What are the Hottest Timeshare Properties?

In order to determine which timeshares are the most desirable to own, you can ask one simple question: Which timeshares have the highest tradability?  The owner of a single timeshare location has the option to vacation at a variety of timeshare locations around the world so long as another owner at the intended locality is willing to trade week(s).  The timeshares that are most easily traded on a given year are usually the most valuable.

The tradability of a timeshare can be determined by 3 main factors.  Firstly, the location of the timeshare must be considered.  According to a press release from the PRLOG, 8 out of the 10 most desirable timeshare resale resorts are located in southern California and Hawaii, with the remaining 2 located in Las Vegas and the Bahamas.  Due to the high demand, you will find some of the most expensive timeshares in the world in California and Hawaii.

Secondly, the amenities offered at a timeshare resort will be a dictator of desirability.  You may find two visually identical timeshare resorts located right next to each other on a beach in Maui, but the resort with the “best” amenities will be the more valuable of the two.  It is important to note that different amenities will hold various levels of importance for different people, and each person will have an individual system of valuation.

Thirdly, the time of year must be calculated into the overall desirability equation.  Red weeks are considered to be the most popular vacation times, while blue and green weeks are off-season for a timeshare resort – the weeks between high season and off-season are labeled as yellow and white.  Usually, there is a general consensus among vacationers as to high vs. low season weeks at a given location based upon local weather, special events, etc.

In order to determine which timeshare locations are the “hottest,” tradability must be calculated by considering location, amenities, and time of year.  Based on fair market value and yearly vacation traffic, the red weeks in southern California and Hawaii are the most desirable timeshare locations in the world.

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